Restaurant review: Double DD Pizza


After a long week, having no fresh food at home, and not in the mood to shop & cook, I decided to head out for dinner.  After an aborted attempt at another restaurant (long line up) I wend to Double DD Pizza in Kitsilano.


This is a family run Greek Restaurant in Kitsilano.  Now even though it’s a greek restaurant, the menu goes well beyond greek fare to satisfy the role of a neighborhood restaurant (including steaks, burgers, pizza, etc).  They seem to have filled that role nicely.  It seemed half the patrons that came and went knew each other, and many were on a first name basis with the restaurant staff.

We were seated immediately at a table near the open bay doors, so it was very airy, and quite bright.


We ordered calamari, the lasagna special, and a small pizza.  The salad came first.


This is a chopped salad with red and green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onions, and peppers.  We asked for a balsamic vinegar dressing.  The salad was pretty good, although I don’t think the tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers were prepared to order.  They tasted like they’d been prepared (perhaps) half and hour or more in advance.  But the lettuce greens and onions were fresh, the dressing was tangy and light.


The calamari was quite good.  This is tender squid dipped in seasoned batter and deep fried to a light crunch, and served with a thick tzatziki dipping sauce, garnished with purple onions and a lemon wedge.  The calamari was fresh, tender on the inside, lightly crunchy on the outside.  The seasoning was a little sparse (I needed to add a dash of salt), but otherwise, this was pretty good.  The tzatziki was thick, with a light garlic and dill flavor and just a little cucumber.


next came the lasagna. This is sheets of cooked pasta noodles, layered with a thick zesty tomato sauce in between, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked until the cheese melts. The noodles were properly cooked (appears to be made from dry pasta) and the tomato sauce appears to be made from canned sauce (rather than fresh tomatoes), and was accented with cinnamon. I thought this lasagna was just okay.  I don’t mind that it’s made dry pasta, but it was quite wet (the ratio of pasta to sauce, definitely favoured the sauce).  In greek pastitsio, cinnamon and/or nutmeg in the tomato sauce is pretty common, so this appears to be the greek interpretation of lasagna.



Finally, the pizza arrived.  This was a small pizza with onions, peppers, pepperoni and ground beef, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.  The crust is neither thin (like a neapolitan) nor thick (like a pan pizza), but somewhere in between.  It’s a crisp crust, able to support the weight of the toppings.  The saucing and toppings are fairly generous, as is the cheese.  It’s a pretty good pizza, albeit one that is decidedly “north american” influence. This pizza (and the aforementioned lasagna) seems like a throwback to another era.  This is the kind of pizza and pasta I expected to get in the 1980s and early 90s.  Not that this is a bad thing, sometimes nostalgia is good.

The prices for the food are quite reasonable, and the portions are fairly generous, and well prepared.  I think it’s probably worth a return visit to try some of the greek entrees.

The service was very good, our server was very friendly and helpful, and made the extra effort, and did it with a smile.

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