Restaurant review: Cho Sun Korean Restaurant

We stopped in Cho Sun Korean Restaurant on Kingsway for lunch.



I’d driven past this place more times that I care to count, but I had never tried it.  It’s a pretty wide menu.



With started with juicy beef short rib with stew and rice



This was boneless marinated beef short rib, grilled and served on a sizzling hot iron plate with sliced onions.

This stew is called doenjang jjigae.



This is a traditional stew made from soybean paste, mushrooms, vegetables, prawns, squid, and medium firm tofu, served in a  hot iron bowl.  It had a slightly spicy kick to it.  There was a lot of flavor in the broth, quite a bit of garlic, and lots of tofu, and vegetables.  It was pretty good.

And as with most Korean meals, we were given a variety of side dishes


This included marinated seaweed, kimchi,  stewed potatoes, and a small green salad with a tangy dressing.   I’m not a fan of kimchi, nor the seaweed, so I can’t say too much about those.  The salad was pretty good though, it was crisp and the dressing was slightly sweet and tangy.

This was followed with a seafood pancake


This is a pancake made with daikon radish, with shrimp, squid, scallions, and chili peppers.  It’s pan fried and served in a hot stoneware serving plate.  This was a really good dish.  There flavors and seasoning were excellent, the pancake was lightly crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside.

The next item was sweet & sour chicken (I think it’s called “yangnyeom-tongdak”)



This is marinated chicken, dipped in a batter of egg and seasoned potato starch and rice flour, and deep fried to a crunch, then tossed in a sweet and sour sauce with mixed vegetables.   It’s garnished with sesame seeds and scallions.  The chicken is tasty with a good crunch.  The sweet and sour sauce is tangy and bold with a slightly spicy kick.  The mixed vegetables are hardly noticeable.  While I’m sure they add some nutritional value, they are masked over by the bold flavor of the sauce.

The room is well lit but very black (the predominant color).  It’s fairly clean and not too noisy.  Given that Cho Sun is also serves korean barbeque, I imagine this place is much louder when the grills and overhead fans are running.

Our server was quite pleasant and reasonably prompt.

Cho Sun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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