Restaurant review: Victory Seafood Restaurant

The family went for dinner at the Victory Seafood Restaurant on the second floor of the Crystal Mall in Burnaby.


We ordered a set menu, which started with the cold appetizer plate


This is sliced pork hock, sliced beef shank, marinated jellyfish, and mushroom stuffed bean curd sheets.  There was a drizzle of sweet chili sauce (or something similar) over pork hock and beef shank. This dish was okay, but otherwise unremarkable.

This was followed by fish maw soup


This is egg white swirl, fish maw (swimming bladder) in a thick chicken stock, with a healthy dose of white pepper. This was pretty good.  Nice flavor, decent seasoning.

Next was white chicken with crispy fried taro sticks


This is free ranged chicken, gently poached in water and oil (served at room temperature), chopped and served with thin crispy fried taro root sticks and garnished with cilantro.  The chicken had good flavor.

The next dish was steamed alaska king crab


I hadn’t eaten king crab in many years and that was not a good experience.  It was fishy and spongy and unenjoyable, so I wasn’t begging to try it again.  Turns out, that was a bad example of king crab, because this one was fabulous.  The flesh of the crab was slightly sweet and tender. It was topped with a generous amount of sautéed garlic and scallions. Arguably too much, it was perhaps overpowering.  But the crab was fantastic.

Then came stir fried pork with mushrooms


This is stir fried pork with celery, snow peas, carrots, scallions and mushrooms.  This was pretty good, with a nice sesame oil flavor, but the pork’s was a little bland.  I’m guessing it was tenderized with baking soda or some similar agent.

We weren’t done with the crab, nope.  A second dish of deep-fried alaska king crab knuckles came next.


This is the joints of the alaska king crab dusted in seasoned starch and deep-fried, topped with scallions and chili peppers.  This was pretty good.

The next item was stir fried wagyu beef and yuchoi


I’ve never had wagyu beef before, but my understanding is that it’s supposed to be incredibly buttery and rich (when raw it looks almost white from all the marbling).  This was fairly tender and flavorful beef, but not particularly buttery. It might be wagyu, but that’s not to say its a prime cut like tenderloin… it could very well be wagyu chuck steak.

The last dish was fried rice, served in the crab shell.


This is fried rice topped with cheese sauce and hint of curry, and baked in the crab shell.  This was okay, but it seemed to be missing something.  It seemed to lack that “wok-hei” aroma, for one.  And personally, I find cheese in any chinese dish just… wrong.

The dessert offered was red bean soup


This was okay.  It was mildly sweet, with just a mild hint of dried orange peel (which is good, because I’m not a fan of dried orange peel, so the less the better).

The main dining room is pretty expansive and crowded, but we were seated in a small side room because there was a large function occupying the main room.

The service was a little spotty (even by chinese restaurant standards), but this is probably attributable to that large event consuming the staffing resources of the restaurant.

Victory Seafood Restaurant 凱旋大酒樓 on Urbanspoon


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