Restaurant review: Sushi Hachi (Kerrisdale)


Decided to grab lunch in Kerrisdale, looking for something simple and inexpensive, we stopped in at Sushi Hachi.


This is a small place (seats 30-40) that serves the typical menu of sushi, teriyaki, sashimi, donburi, yakisoba, etc.

There’s a “Sushi Hachi” in Richmond as well, but I don’t think the restaurants are related.  The two restos are of such divergent quality.



I ordered one of the lunch combos, which starts with a bowl of miso soup


This is a savory dashi broth, enhanced with white miso, cubes of soft tofu, and a few sheets of seaweed.   Not bad, but indistinguishable from the miso soup in just about any japanese restaurant in town.

We shared a goma-ae appetizer.


This is cold blanched spinach, covered with a sweet sesame miso sauce. This was pretty good.

My lunch companion had the assorted tempura


This is slices of vegetables (and prawns) dipped in tempura batter and deep-fried to a light crisp, served with a tempura dipping sauce.

These have to be some of the most gargantuan tempura I’ve ever seen.  They were quite crispy, and slightly oily.  There was quite a bit of residual oil left on the paper that lined the serving basket.

I had the chicken teriyaki


This is a mound of quickly stir fried bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cabbage, topped with a fried chicken cutlet, sliced and drizzled with thick sweet teriyaki sauce.

This was okay, the chicken was just a little overcooked.  The sauce was salty sweet but a little on the thick side.  The vegetables were nicely done, seasoned right, but still al dente.

My lunch companion had the BC roll



This is grilled salmon skin with cucumber threads and lettuce, in a inside-out-roll, and lightly drizzled with a thin teriyaki sauce and garnished with sesame seeds

And I had the spicy tuna roll



This is fresh tuna with cucumber threads and a spicy mayo in an inside-out roll, garnished with sesame seeds.  This was just okay.  The sushi rice was done right (not grainy, nor mushy), and the spicy tuna was decent enough.

This place is nothing fancy.  It’s inexpensive simple japanese cuisine.

Sushi Hachi on Urbanspoon


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