Restaurant Review: The Kitchen (Korean cuisine)

While visiting the Point Grey branch of the Vancouver Public Library, I happened upon a small family run Korean restaurant on the adjacent side street.  The place looked to be popular with Koreans (noteworthy given the lack of other korean merchants in the area).  But not being hungry at the time, I had to delay the return until a subsequent visit.


This is family operation, originally located in Kerrisdale, but relocated to Point Grey in 2013.  It appears that they don’t take reservations.


Tweegim Mandu (dumplings).


These are pan-fried pork and vegetable dumplings. The pork flavor was subtle/subdued.  The wrapper on the dumplings were thin, but a little on the firm (almost dry) side.  Tasted okay.

Following after the dumplings, was Soondooboo-Jigae


This is a spicy soft tofu stew, with seafood, vegetables, and egg.  It came with a side of white rice and a quartet of side dishes.


This soup/stew has a delicious broth, full of seafood flavors, including prawns and squid, soft tofu, and lots of vegetables including bok choy, scallions, and broccoli florets.  It’s topped with a raw egg that gently cooks in the ambient heat of the soup.  Once the egg is broken and swirled into the soup, it provides richness.  Although the menu describes it a “spicy” soft tofu stew, I did not find it spicy at all.  That said, I really liked this soup.

The sides included marinated black beans, kimchi, marinated potatoes and thinly sliced fish cakes.


I’m generally not a big fan of these side dishes, but there were better than most.  I liked the marinated fish cakes and the kimchi.

And of course, we can’t go to a korean restaurant without ordering Galbi.


This is marinated grilled short rib, sliced across the bone, with grilled vegetables.  The short ribs had some nice flavor from its marinade, and the vegetables were nicely cooked, seasoned and flavored.  These short ribs were a little chewier (?) than other examples of galbi that we’ve had elsewhere.  Chewy might not be the best word; less tender than others would be more appropriate.

The room is very modern, clean and new (this location is less than a year old).

The server was fairly helpful.

We wanted to order the spicy rice cake with potato noodle & fish cake dish, but it was not available.

The Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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