Restaurant review: Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant


On a chilly winter day, a hot bowl of noodle soup is pure comfort.

On this day, we decided to visit Pho Tan restaurant on Main Street.  This is a small family run Vietnamese restaurant with locations in Kerrisdale, south Main and Burnaby.


It was quite busy at the time, but we arrived just as a table cleared up, so we were seated immediately.
Looking through the menu,

My lunch companion picked the beef stew pho


And I went with a large bowl of rare beef and brisket pho



Pho is all about the broth.  The noodles, the bean sprouts and the sliced meat needs to be fresh and of a good quality, yes, but broth is where all the effort goes.  Pho Tan’s beef broth is excellent.  I can taste the roasted onions, ginger and beef, and there’s a light accent with the spices.  I’ve tried pho where the broth was weak and watery, other places where the spices were overpowering.  It’s a nice balance here.

The rare beef and brisket sliced thin, the bean sprouts were lightly blanched but still al dente.

I’d probably frequent this place more if I lived or worked closer.

Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant 新記越南餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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