Restaurant review: New Town Bakery Restaurant


While visiting Chinatown, we stopped for a quick bite at New Town Bakery.

This is one of several locations for the chinese/filipino bakery/restaurant, the others being Richmond and Surrey.  There’s also a New Town bakery in the Cambie Village in Vancouver, but it seems that it’s not formally affiliated with these other stores (not sure how the relationship works, since the names and baked goods lineup are essentially the same).

I ordered one of their lunch combos, which includes a beverage.  I chose the coffee


Ordinarily, I wouldn’t highlight an ordinary cup of coffee, but this is in Chinatown, where most of the bakery/cafes serve instant coffee. New Towns is a filter drip coffee, and it’s actually pretty good.

The food part of my lunch combo was the stir fried rice noodles with beef



This is a fresh rice noodles, stir fried with onions, bean sprouts, scallions and sliced beef.  It’s well seasoned with soy, and has a good “wok-hei” aroma.  The onions and bean sprouts still had some “spring” to them. It’s a good-sized portion too.

New Town is a good spot for a quick and inexpensive meal, and you can grab some tasty treats from the bakery on the way out.

New Town Bakery & Restaurant 新城餅家餐室 on Urbanspoon


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