Restaurant review: Burrito Brothers


Felling a little peckish we stopped for a late lunch at Burrito Brothers on West First Avenue and Yew Street in Vancouver.


It’s a small neighborhood mexican (tex-mex mostly) place adjacent a convenience store, and Chewies Oyster Bar in Kitsilano.  It was fairly quiet at this time, and we seated ourselves while the server brought our menus.

We started with the nachos

This was a generous mound of crispy corn tortilla chips layered with melted jack cheese and heated under a salamander. It was topped with diced tomatoes, onions and refried beans.  It comes with small cups of thick sour cream, salsa fresca and guacamole.  The salsa was a great mix of salty, sharp (from the onions), acidic (from the tomatoes) and the lime juice, and slightly spicy from the jalapenos.  The guacamole was smooth and cooling and mild.

I wish there was more salsa.

And followed with crispy fish tacos


This was actually two orders of fish tacos, served as a single platter.  It’s a battered and deep-fried white fish, sliced and served in a crispy corn taco shell, with shredded lettuce, diced onions, cilantro and tomatoes, topped with (what I believe is) crumbled queso fresco.  The fish was fabulously crispy and well seasoned.

The room is small (seats perhaps 20) and function with a lot of wood and yellow and green.  There was one TV in the corner.

The server/cook was pleasant and helpful.

Burrito Brothers is a nice spot for affordable tex-mex.

Burrito Brothers. Taco Company on Urbanspoon


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