Restaurant review: Aphrodite’s Cafe


Decided to join a group for brunch at Aphrodite’s Cafe in Kitsilano.


It’s a quaint place on West 4th Avenue (at Dunbar St), featuring organic everything as well as some vegan and gluten-free menu offerings.


This was J’s eggs benny


And this was D’s Goddess Bowl (with quinoa, chia pudding, yoghurt, granola and apple slices)


S really was there for the desserts so he ordered the vegan gluten-free apple pie with a scoop of vegan coconut ice cream.


And he also ordered the dark chocolate almond ganache torte with raspberry coulis


I was rather hungry for a substantive meal, so I ordered a featured frittata.


this was two eggs with roasted brussels sprouts, spinach, corn, carmelized onions and sausage, served with home fries, a meadow side salad and a hearty slice of multigrain bread.  Everyone tasted a little bit of everyone else’s food, but since this was my meal (and what I had the best sampling of, this is where the bulk of my review will be.

The frittata was quite good.  Cooked to the right doneness, well seasoned. The roasted brussels sprouts and spinach at least gave me the illusion that I was doing something healthy for myself (countered by the sausage I’m sure).  The side salad was crisp and fresh, with lettuce greens, shredded carrots, shredded beats, sunflower seeds, cucumber slices, sunflower greens, all dressed in a tangy raspberry vinaigrette.  The home fries were not so good.  They tasted okay, they were seasoned right with a little paprika for extra color and flavor but the were made with waxy potatoes so they have no crunch. The bread was toasted and hearty, filled with seeds, and had a nice flavor.

Quick thoughts on the desserts.  I’m going to preface my thoughts here.  These were organic vegan gluten-free desserts.  I don’t usually order vegan or gluten-free fare (I don’t have those dietary concerns).

Organic desserts should not be a problem.  Vegan desserts, while this eliminates the use of butter and eggs, are still fairly doable. But organic, vegan *AND* gluten-free is a challenge.

And I didn’t care for the result this time.  The pie crust had no flakiness at all, it was a soft crumbly pie crust (but he apple filling was quite nice).  The vegan coconut ice cream tasted more like a sorbet (which was probably to be expected).  And I found the chocolate almond torte  dense, heavy, and not particularly chocolatey.  However, to be fair, Aphrodite’s has “regular” desserts as well (using eggs, butter, and regular flower), and I did not sample those.  I feel it would be unfair to judge their dessert menu based on what tasted here, since these were, in my opinion, specialty items, and things I would not usually chose for myself

The room is very rustic and quaint

Our service was pretty prompt and friendly.

Aphrodite's Organic Café and Pie Shop on Urbanspoon


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