Restaurant review: Boathouse (Kitsilano)


On New Years day, we decided to visit the Boathouse (at Kits Beach) for lunch.


One thing this place has going for it is the view.


This coast guard hovercraft was on its way to the annual Polar Bear Swim at the English Bay Bathhouse.


It was pretty busy on this day, almost a full house.  We had reservations and were seated immediately.



We ordered the seafood sharing platter between the three of us.


This consisted of crab dip, thai crab cakes, calamari & key lime shrimp.

The crab dip was thick and rich with cream cheese, punctuated with the flavor of crab, red peppers and onions.  The pita chips that accompanied it were crunchy and lightly salted.

The calamari was crisp, but slightly overcooked… some of the pieces of squid were a little on the chewy side.  The accompanying dipping sauce was sweet and tangy… I think it is a combination of sweet chili sauce with vinegar and honey.

The crab cake was okay.  Decent crab flavor.  Okay crunch.  Right amount of seasoning. Not bad, but not remarkable as well.  It was garnished with some mango and red pepper relish.

The key lime shrimp were kind of forgettable.  Not sure of the breed of shrimp used, they had some texture to them but not a lot of flavor.  The lime & red curry sauce they were served in provided most of the flavor.

This was followed by sweet chili chicken

this was morsels of chicken breast, thinly battered and deep-fried, then tossed with crispy wonton strips and a sweet chili sauce, garnished with scallions and black sesame seeds.

This probably the best item of the meal.  The chicken was lightly crunchy and properly seasoned.  The fried wonton crisps added extra crunch to the dish.  The sauce was decidedly more sweet than spicy.

The room was very spacious and bright with fantastic views of the beach and English Bay.

The servers were very friendly and attentive.

Boathouse on Urbanspoon

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