Takeout review: The Fish Counter

Local chef and sustainable-seafood champion Robert Clark finally opened the doors to his new business venture in December, called The Fish Counter.  It’s on Main Street (between E 22nd and E 23rd avenue)


The left half of the business is a fish monger, featuring whole fish, freshly filleted fish, and shellfish on ice.


While the right half is a kitchen offering hot seafood for takeout.



There’s also an assortment of prepared items in a cold deli display (like fish cakes, chickpea salad, kimchi, candied salmon, rice salad with corn & peppers, whole steamed crab, etc).



The menu board changes daily, depending on what came in from the fishermen.  I understand the fish & chips, the clam chowder and bouillabaisse are popular items.


I ordered the (single piece) Pacific Cod & chips.


This is a single piece of pacific cod, dipped in batter and deep-fried to a beautiful light crisp, and served over a large serving of crispy french fries and a small side of freshly shredded coleslaw.


The fish is moist and flaky, the batter is lightly crunchy and seasoned right.  The chips were crunchy and lightly salty.  The tartar sauce was fresh, rich and tangy.  The coleslaw consists of thinly shredded cabbage and small leaves of (I think) kale dressed in a light vinegary dressing…. crisp and fresh, and a nice foil to the fatty fish and french fries.

This is one of the best (top 3) fish & chips I’ve had in town.

This is a takeout kitchen, but there is some minimal seating available in the form of a stand up counter along one of the windows, and some low benches for sitting along the walls.

Although he is not visible in my photographs, Rob Clark was in the house, working away in the kitchen.

The Fish Counter on Urbanspoon


Returned for a second visit.

Had the pacific cod & chips again.


Also ordered the fried oyster po’boy.


This is several pieces of fresh oyster, battered and deep-fried, served up on a toasted hoagie with fresh tartar sauce and marinade cabbage.  It came with a little of the same house slaw that accompanies the fish and chips. The oysters were beautifully fresh, and it’s batter was crisp.  The tartar sauce was fresh rich and tangy.  The cabbage had a light kimchi flavor, and the bun was lightly toasted on the outside and soft on the inside.

This sandwich was a total winner.


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