Restaurant review: Cartem’s Doughnuterie


For about a year, I’d heard great things about Cartem’s donuts.  But I just never had the occasion to visit their store in the DTES.

Then they moved downtown, and we took advantage of the opportunity.  The new space is big and bright, with a huge prep area, a large display window, and seating for about 15-20.


We started with the Maple walnut. This is a yeasted doughnut, with a light maple glaze, topped with toasted walnut pieces.


So yeah, now I get what all the buzz is about.  This is a REALLY good doughnut.    It’s a light pillowy yeasted doughnut.  The glaze is sweet (without being sickly sweet), with a light maple flavor.  The walnut pieces are toasted and crunchy.

This would follow with the Chocolate Toffee


This is a cake style vanilla doughnut, with a rich dark chocolate ganache glaze, topped with fine ground toffee bits.  This is AMAZINGLY good.  The cake is delicate and light.  The chocolate ganache is smooth and rich.  The toffee bits are crunchy and sweet.

Ordinarily, I’d think that $3 per doughnut is a steep price, but when it’s this good, it can be justified.

Cartems Donuterie on Urbanspoon


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