Street Food review: Reel Mac and Cheese Food Truck


It was a dry and (comparatively) warm November afternoon, and we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and check some food trucks downtown.  We headed for the Hamilton Street cluster around Georgia and Hamilton (between the main Post Office and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre).

On this day, there was the Aussie Pie Guy truck, Culver City Salad truck, and the Reel Mac and Cheese truck.


We decided on mac & cheese and ordered “the Green Mile”.  All their offerings have movie themed names, and “The Green Mile”.  This is basically the same as “The Main Event” (which is a classic mac & cheese) with the addition of blanched broccoli florets and topped with crispy fried onions.


It’s a pretty big portion, more than enough for one person.  We decided to share it, so that we’d have room to try other street food later.

This is freshly made, tender elbow macaroni, in a thick rich cheese sauce.  I saw them cooking a big batch of sauce with pasta over the stove in the back.  The onions are nice and crispy.  The broccoli is fresh (appears to have been blanched). The broccoli added a much-needed “healthy” element, something generally lacking in most street food (I suppose if I was REALLY interested in healthy food, I should have stopped at Culver City Salads, which was parked in the neighboring space).  I’m not sure it blended really with the flavors in the cheese sauce.

I’d probably just go with “The Main Event” on a subsequent visit.

Reel Mac and Cheese on Urbanspoon


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