Restaurant review: Wailana Coffee House


I woke up with a craving for a heavy breakfast and headed for the Wailana Coffee House.  It’s a family run 24 hour coffee-house in Waikiki, just a hop, skip and a jump from the hotel.  I’d walked past the restaurant many many times in past visits and decided it was time to give it try.


I ordered the egg breakfast with eggs over-easy, link sausage, toast, and hashbrowns


The sausage links were done just right.  Browned on the outside, tender, moist and well seasoned on the inside.  The eggs were a little on the runny side, but it wasn’t a problem.  Although I can imagine some people having an issue with them.  The hash browns were excellent;  browned and crispy on the outside, al dente (if the term can be applied to potatoes) on the inside.



The toast came buttered (I think it might have been margarine), and each table has a small rack of fruit preserves (including strawberry jam, guava jelly, and orange marmalade).

The service is prompt, efficient and pleasant enough.

The room is expansive (probably seats over 100) and feels like a neighborhood pancake house.

While Wailana Coffee House has a full menu, they’re best known for their all-day breakfasts. I’m told the waffles are excellent, I’ll have to try that some time.

Wailana Coffee House on Urbanspoon


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