Street food review: Hula Dog

Hula Dog is a local  of hot dog chain that serves hot dogs with a distinct Hawaiian flavors.


They start by slipping a (unsplit) roll over a searing hot steel tube, toasting the bun from the inside out.

Once toasted, they remove the roll, and partially fill the tube with two flavored sauces, then  they insert a hot dog (cooked on a roller grill) into the roll. Finally it topped with a third flavored sauce. I chose lilikoi mustard, mild lemon garlic secret sauce and mango relish.




It’s a nice combination of flavors, with sweetness from the mango, and both sweet and tartness from the lilikoi mustard (lilikoi is more widely known as passion fruit), tartness and sharpness from the lemon garlic, and smokiness from the hot dog.

There’s not much to discus as far as ambiance goes.  It’s a kiosk on the edge of an outdoor shopping plaza, with minimal bar-style seating inside, and patio seating outside.

The servers were pleasant enough.

It’s a pretty good hot dog, albeit a bit pricey.  The sauces are what this hot dog is all about.  I think the sauces are available for purchase from their online store as well.

Hula Dog on Urbanspoon


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