Restaurant review: Coco Ichibanya Curry House

Dining alone on this occasion, I wanted something spicy.  There was a small Japanese Curry place on the McCully shopping plaza that I had spotted on previous visits and decided to give it a try.

Curry House Coco Ichibanya is a Japanese chain of curry houses with locations throughout Asia, as well as the United States.

When I entered, I waited briefly and was seated at the end of the counter.


For a such a narrow concept restaurant, the menu is surprisingly expansive.  The focus is freshly made curry dishes, served over white or brown rice.

I chose the katsu pork cutlet with spinach and spicy curry over rice

This is a large marinated pork cutlet, coated in seasoned panko, deep-fried to a nice crunch.  It’s chopped in large strips and laid over white rice, with a serving of blanched spinach, all coated in a deep flavorful curry sauce.  The pork was reasonably tender and well seasoned.

I opted for the spicy curry, but to be honest, it’s not particularly spicy.  Since it is a Japanese restaurant chain, it’s not too surprising.

Notable among the condiments provided were a jar of pickled daikon radish slivers.  These added some nice crunch and tangy-ness to the dish.

The room is modest size (probably seating for 40) and utilitarian, nothing fancy.

The servers were polite and efficient.  They might have tried to be friendly, but it would have been lost on me, since there was a bit of a language barrier here (fortunately, the menu is well illustrated and in both English and Japanese)

This was a good light meal, at a very reasonable price.

Curry House Coco Ichibanya on Urbanspoon


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