Street food review: Eat Chicken Wraps


While wandering around downtown on the weekend, I spotted the Eat Chicken Wraps food truck, near Robson Plaza.

I wanted something light that I could munch on the go, so I gave it try.


I ordered the Hoisin Chicken Roll.  It took about ten minutes to prepare the order, so this is not for the in-a-rush diner.


This is morsels of five spice accented chicken, cooked on a grill top,  along with shredded lettuce, picked radish, green onions, and drizzled with hoisin sauce, all rolled into a layered mandarin pancake that’s been grilled to crispy. The chicken is nicely cooked until carmelized around edges



This is a pretty good sandwich wrap.  The five spice seasoning on the chicken has quite a bit of flavour, and the hoisin adds sweetness.  The pickled radish has a little sour sharpness, and I like the crispy pancake roll.

The Eat Chicken Wraps food truck has other flavors that seem to change from week to week.  There was a Chicken Al Pastor today (mexican influence), a spicy buffalo chicken wrap, and a Kung Pao chicken lettuce wrap (for the carb-concious consumer).  I think they even have hot dogs and french fries.

Eat Chicken Wraps on Urbanspoon


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