Restaurant review: Swiss Bakery


So following the “cronut” hype in New York City, Vancouver bakeries introduced their take on the deep-fried croissant treat.

The Swiss Bakery was, thus far, the most popular offering (I understand The Lazy Gourmet has an offering as well, but only available by special order, and only sold by the dozen).


The Swiss Bakery’s offering is called the frissant.  It’s much like NYs “cronut” in that its a ring-shaped croissant pastry that’s deep fried instead of baked, filled with cream, dusted with sugar and glazed.

This is the vanilla frissant.



It’s glazed with vanilla frosting, and laced with a vanilla custard cream.

And this is the halzelnut frissant.


This is filled with a hazelnut cream, and topped with toasted hazelnuts.

The frissants are lightly crispy on the outside, but tender, flaky, soft and buttery inside.  They’re just sweet enough, and the pasty cream is smooth subtle and delicious.


These pastries are definitively worth trying at least once.  They pretty good.  I understand they sell out easily (if you wait until your lunch break to try one, you might be too late).

Fortunately, there’s no one camping at 3 am to be the first in line here (like in NYC).  I understand the lines can get very lengthy:

Swiss Bakery on Urbanspoon

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