Restaurant review: Pizzeria Farina


Before checking out the Chinatown Night Market, we decided to stop in a Pizzeria Farina on Main street and Prior street, in the Cobalt Hotel.

This is a tiny place, with a long communal table down the middle and limited private seating by the window.


I’d heard good thing about their pizza, but had hesitated for over a year, largely because I don’t get down to Chinatown very often any more, particularly so at night, which unfortunately, is the only time Pizzeria Farina opens.

We ordered the Pistacchio pizza, and had it boxed to go, since the house was full, and there were people waiting for seating.  Our order took about 15 minutes to prepare, and we waited outside, since there were no empty seats inside (and it was pretty hot in there).


This is a thin crust pizza, topped with parmesan sauce, Mortadella, aged mozzarella, pistachios & olive oil. And this is a very good pizza.

It’s not an authentic Neapolitan pizza, and doesn’t try to be, but it is one of the better Italian style pizza places in town.  The crust has a well-developed flavor (apparently their dough proofs for 3 days), a nice chewy but airy texture.  There’s lots of blistering on the edges of the crust, but it’s dry and just firm enough on the bottom.

The parmesan sauce has a wonderful savory flavor, enhanced by the salty mortadella.  The roasted pistachio nuts provide a nice crunch, offset by the soft mozzarella.

I’ll be blunt about this.   I love this pizza.  And if they open a store in a different location, I’ll be there several times a month.  Because, right now, the current location is…… less than appealing.  Fortunately, there’s always take-out (they don’t deliver).

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