Restaurant review: Dinesty on Robson

Going downtown to meet a friend for dinner, I’d heard that Dinesty opened a new location downtown and we decided to try it. We made reservations, arriving a few minutes early, but were seated immediately.

We started with the xiaolongbao (literally “little basket buns”).  They’re kind of a must-have in any shanghainese restaurant 🙂


These are steamed dumplings filled with seasoned pork and aspic.  These were very good.  The wrappers just about perfect.  They are thin enough to bite through easily, but thick enough to contain the soup and filings without breaking open when picked up.  There was a good amount of soup inside, and the pork filling was very good.  Decent flavor and seasoning.  It’s served with a dark vinegar based dipping sauce.

We followed up with pot stickers


These are steamed and pan fried dumplings stuffed with seasoned minced pork.

Shape-wise these are bit unusual, they’re elongated and open on the ends, but this has some merits.  Since it’s narrower, it probably cooks a little faster, and the longer surface means it has more crispy surface.  At least it seemed like that.  The filling was pretty good, though not quite as flavorful as I would have expected.  Perhaps needs more seasonings.

And lastly we ordered spicy green beans


Strictly speaking, it’s not a shanghainese dish.  It’s more szechuan, but I felt we needed some greens, and this was the first thing that caught my interest.  These are stir fried yard long beans, with ground pork, dried shrimp in a chili soy sauce.  This was very good.  We ordered a little bowl of rice to go with it.

The service was pretty good, but chinese restaurant standards.  They were attentive and reasonably pleasant.

The room was very modern and clean, and quite noisy and busy.  I recommend calling for reservations.

Dinesty On Robson 聚 on Urbanspoon

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