Restaurant review: 49th Parallel Coffee and Lucky’s Doughnuts

49th Parallel Coffee has been open in Kitsilano on Fourth Avenue for a few years now, but they moved a few doors west in a larger space, and added on a kitchen for Lucky’s Doughnuts.


There’s been a bloom of gourmet doughnut shops around the city in last couple of years, and Lucky’s has been one of the prominent ones.


Upon entry, there’s a large glass display case with the current batch of fresh in-house made doughnuts.


I picked up the coffee & feature doughnut special


This consisted of a cup of fresh ground dark roast coffee, and the feature doughnut, which was a glazed old-fashioned cake doughnut.


The doughnut is fairly large and soft, and certainly cake-y inside, but with a slightly chewier (?) crumb than most cake doughnuts that I’ve had.

This is fine, because it suits the doughnut well.  Makes it all the better for dunking in the coffee.  The cake has a light vanilla flavor and is not too sweet.  The sweetness mostly came from the glazed frosting, which was still slightly soft (meaning it was likely made within the hour).

As an aside, cake doughnuts tend to have more “crunch” to the edges, from the exposed surfaces during the deep fry process, but this doughnut has no noticeable crunch when I bit into it.

I also picked up a quark cheese danish to go.



The space is fresh and new (just opened on May 25th).  It’s bright and airy, but feels very much like a cafe (for a coffee break) as opposed to a Starbucks, which tends to feel more like a comfy living room.

Service is prompt and pleasant, but limited to cafeteria style counter service, as another other coffee shop.

I get the feeling I’m going to be hanging around here quite a bit in the months and years to come.

Forty Ninth Parallel Café on Urbanspoon

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