Restaurant review: Le Do restaurant


One of the nice things about doing this blog is the accidental discovery of a gem.

We were in the East Hastings area, picking up some italian ingredients from the neighborhoods small markets.  We were about to grab some lunch from Campagnola Roma, but being a Sunday, we realized they’d be serving a brunch menu, and decided against it.  Nothing wrong with brunch, but we just didn’t feel like brunch fare on this day.

Then we spotted a little vietnamese restaurant nearby, and decided just to give it a try.

Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant appears to be a fairly typical mom & pop operated restaurant, like so many others around town, and the menu reflects the southern vietnamese fare that is common in most vietnamese restaurants around town (ie. pho, bahn mi, vermicelli noodle dishes, etc).

It was fairly quiet on this day, we were one of only three parties in the restaurant, and we seated ourselves.


We hadn’t had one in ages, and decided to get a vietnamese coffee.


I don’t remember it being so strong, but yeah, this is powerful stuff.  Even after we let the ice melt and water down the coffee, it was still really strong coffee.  Not that this is bad, it was actually very good, but stronger than we remember.

My lunch companion ordered the char sui bahn mi


I ordered the spring roll & beef brochette with vermicelli.  The bread was pretty good (probably not baked in-house) but the sandwich filling was very fresh.  The pickled cucumbers, daikon and carrots had a nice snap to them.  The cilantro was fresh, and the char sui was very moist and very tender, more like a italian meatball (texture wise), with a sweet savory sauce.


The marinaded and grilled beef was very tender and moist (amazingly so) with the light char around the edges.  The spring rolls were crunchy and tasty when dipped in the sweet fish sauce.

The room is fairly compact, and the decor a little tired (ie. the walls had a lot of scraps and wear from the tables rubbing up against the wall, etc) and the chairs and tables had a lot of wear.  But that’s pretty normal for small family run asian restaurants.

The service was efficient, but otherwise not noteworthy.

Value-wise, Le Do is about as affordable as it gets.  Vietnamese cuisine tends to be pretty inexpensive, but even more so hear.  I’ve been to vietnamese restaurants were I paid a lot more, and been far less satisfied with what I received, so for that Le Do get solid marks.

Le Do Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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