Restaurant review: Broadway Station Sushi


We were in the neighborhood and spied Broadway Station Sushi.

It was fairly quiet in the restaurant, and we were seated immediately.

I ordered a combo that started with a bowl of miso soup.



It was okay.  Not good, not bad.  Just a standard bowl of savoury miso soup with tofu and seaweed, garnished with sliced scallops.

This followed with my combo of assorted sushi.


this included tuna rolls, inside out tempura yam rolls and the ever popular California roll.

The yam and California were dressed with a little toasted white & black sesame seeds.  Again, this was just okay.  It tasted alright.  The sushi rice was fairly lightly packed so the roll pieces fell apart when I wasn’t careful picking them up.

The California roll used minced artificial crab, and the tuna was, well, probably not the highest grade tuna available.

That said, it was a pretty inexpensive meal, so to be fair, the food here is probably fair value.
Broadway Station Sushi on Urbanspoon


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