Restaurant review: Moderne Burger


After moving to Kits last fall, I’d walked past Moderne Burger dozens of times, and wanted to try it.

This place is set up to look like a 1950s diner.  Complete with the jukebox, linoleum counters, white and black checkered floors, and the milkshake mixing machines behind the service counter.  The serve burgers, fries, sodas, floats and milkshakes. The only thing missing was 50s music piping out the jukebox and servers wearing polka dot skirts, snapping bubble gum.

We were seated in a booth immediately upon arrival.

My lunch companion ordered the basic burger


This is a really good burger, made to order with freshly ground beef, grilled to medium, served  on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato slices, ketchup and mayo.

And I ordered the salmon burger with fries



This is a fresh sockeye salmon fillet, grilled to medium, served on a toasted bun, with lettuce, onions, tomato and lettuce, along with a generous side of crispy hand cut french fries.

The room is bright and clean, and as previously mentioned, totally retro.

The service was decent, but not noteworthy otherwise.

I recommend this place for a really decent freshly made burger & fries.


Moderne Burger on Urbanspoon


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