Restaurant review: Congee Noodle King


I’ve patronized Congee Noodle House (on Broadway at Main) for years, and considered it a decent congee/wonton house.  And for many years I’ve driven past Congee Noodle King (on Kingsway at Joyce), and wondered it the two restaurants were connected.  Turns out that, indeed they are.  Both are fairly busy places, but “King” seems busier (or perhaps it’s because the space is smaller, it fills up more easily).


We ordered the chow mein with chicken & veg



This was pretty good, large portions, lots of chicken and shanghai bak choi, in a savoury brown sauce (what I refer to as “all purpose Chinese gravy”).

We also ordered deep fried chicken wings



This was a small serving that we ordered.  These wings (and it was just the wings, no drumettes) are marinated, dusted with seasoned flour and starch, and deep fried until light and crispy, and topped with fried garlic chilies and diced jalapenos. These are quite good, and terrific for that deep-fried fix I get every once in a while.

Lastly we ordered braised brisket with rice noodles



It’s cubed brisket, braised until tender with a hint of garlic, star anise and sichuan peppercorns, served with rice noodles in a light broth, and garnished with a little gai lan. This is comfort food for me.  I’ve had it many times at the Broadway & Main location, and it tastes just as good here.

The space is large and noisy (much like any other congee/wonton house), and the service was, well, actually not that good.  Even by my standards for Chinese restaurants, it seemed to be very hard to get the server’s attention.

Perhaps because it is a busy place, or perhaps they’re understaffed, but either way, its hard to even label it ‘efficient’ service when you can’t even get their attention.

Congee Noodle King 粥麵軒 on Urbanspoon

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