Restaurant review: Banana Leaf


This review has been sitting on the backburner for quite some time.  Only because of time demands in my personal life.  But with that settled, we’re back, and I have to do this review from my failing memory. :p

We went for lunch at Banana Leaf in Kitsilano. This is one of several locations (they have one in Fairview, and three locations downtown).

We were seated immediately, and ordered.  We started with the roti cani


This is several “pancakes” of layered flat bread, pan seared and served with a curried dipping sauce.  This is moist and slightly sweet, with a smooth buttery texture and light crisp around the edges.  The dipping sauce is mildly spicy and tangy.  This is decadent feel to it (compared to most bread appetizers).

Next up was an order chicken and pork satay



This is marinated skewers of chicken and pork, grilled and served with a curried peanut sauce.  I do love the malaysian style of  satay.  It’s lightly spicy and slightly sweet.  The dipping sauce is lightly spicy and slightly sweet, and rather crunchy because of the coarsely ground peanuts.    The satays were done just right, moist and tender, with a light char around the edges, lots of flavor.

And lastly we had the mee goreng.



This is stir fried egg noodles with bean sprouts, prawns, scramble eggs, tomatoes, tofu and choi sum (chinese flowering cabbage).  This was quite good, with lots of deep savory flavors coming together.

Banana Leaf on Urbanspoon

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