Restaurant review: Curry King


Went for lunch with a group from work, and opted for Curry King on Kingsway in Burnaby (they also have a small stall in the food court at Crystal Mall).  It’s a Hong Kong cafe style restaurant, offering both chinese dishes and

It was pretty busy during the lunch hour, and we had to wait a few minutes for a table to open up.

I ordered the red curry brisket with rice




This is a modest portion of beef brisket, braised and then stewed in a rich coconut red curry sauce with potatoes and cherry tomatoes, served with white rice. Actually I don’t think the cherry tomatoes were stewed,  I’m pretty sure they were just flash cooked and dropped on top of the dish before serving.

The brisket was tender and quite flavorful.  The sauce was rich, creamy and sweet with barely any noticeable heat.

The room is bright, and rather crowded and noisy (at least it was during the lunch rush) and clean.  As typical with hk-style cafes the service was efficient.

This place is  reasonably good value.

Curry King Cafe 咖哩皇餐廳 on Urbanspoon


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  1. GuardianFlash says:

    The small stall at Crystal Mall is not owned by the same owner as the restaurant. It used to be many years ago, but not anymore. The chef at the Curry King restaurant actually makes his own curry sauce. The person at the stall in Crystal Mall buys the sauce from somewhere else.

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