Restaurant review: The Fish Shack

It was the weekend, and I decided to go for brunch at The Fish Shack.

Fish Shack is a casual seafood restaurant on Granville street, owned by the Glowbal Group.  It  replaced Sanafir which closed in summer 2012.

My brunch companion ordered the dungeness crab eggs benny.


It looked good.  I had a small fork full of the crab benny, and it was pretty good.

I ordered the fish tacos with Manhattan clam chowder.


I’ll load my comments here.  This is two soft tacos (very light and thin shells, I should mention, they seemed to be freshly made shells), stuffed with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and seasoned lightly seared white fish (not sure of the fish variety).    The fish had a light dusting of cajun/creole seasoning, and was seared to just cooked through (but still moist and delicate).  The fries were hot, crispy and lightly salted.

I was given the choice of salad or soup, and I opted for the Manhattan clam chowder.  I like both Manhattan and new england chowder, but today, I was feeling a bit guilty so I chose the lighter (and marginally healthier) tomato based chowder.  It was very good, well seasoned with a slight kick of heat.

The room (as was Sanafir) cavernous and loud, but brighter and airier than I remember.  The slats of wooden pallets on the wall give the place a very rustic look, although not as “nautical” as I would have expected.

The service was very attentive and pleasant.

I’ll have to come back and try the fish & chips the next time.

The Fish Shack on Urbanspoon

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