Restaurant review: Sushi Garden


This was a “let’s get out of the office and go for lunch” kind of day, so we went to Sushi Garden on Kingsway in Burnaby.

The place was extremely busy (lunch rush) and we scored the last empty table, just as a few more groups of customers arrived right behind us.

I started with the gomae.

And I was a little too hungry and quick on the chopsticks, because I didn’t remember to get a photo until after I’d had a couple of bites.  Ooops.  This was pretty good, but wetter than I would usually expect.  But at least the spinach was fresh, and the seasonings were about right.

I also ordered the BC roll and Alaska roll sushi combo.


This was pretty good.  The rice was the right done-ness, the fish was fresh, but I question the sauce that was drizzled over the top of the Alaska rolls.  It was sweet and slightly savory, but it added a lot of excess wetness to the sushi.   And I found the rolls a little on the “loose” side.  They broke apart fairly easily when I tried to pick them up with my chopsticks.

The food is pretty good, and the price are quite reasonable.

The service was a bit rushed.

Sushi Garden on Urbanspoon

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