Restaurant review: Bob likes Thai food


We decided to try Bob Likes Thai Food at the new location on West Broadway (where Go Fish! previously called home, and Bin 942 before that).

We were seated immediately, and given our menus.  I ordered the pad prik king with chicken and beans.


This is a thai red curry dish without coconut milk,  was pretty good.  Well prepared, well seasoned, with bold flavors.   There was a strong fish sauce, and garlic flavour here, with fair bit of heat.  I ordered a side of jasmine rice to go with it.

And my dinner companion ordered the fish in yellow curry


This is a yellow curry dish, with red peppers, potatoes, shallows and generous portions of fish.  I’m not sure what type of fish this was, it was a medium firm white fish, possibly basa.  We also ordered a side of jasmine rice to go with it.  Again the flavors were bold and punchy, properly seasoned, and slightly sweeter than the pad prik king dish.

In both cases, the dishes were noteworthy for their bold and powerful curry flavors, which remarkable considering that thai cuisine is already characterized by bold flavors.

The room is clean and funky (the colors and decor haven’t changed much since it’s transformation from Go Fish!, save for the addition of framed photos of Thailand).  The space at this location is quite a bit larger than the Main street location.

Our server was courteous, polite and attentive.

In spite of the quirky name, the food is pretty authentically Thai, and they don’t wimp out on the flavors.

Bob Likes Thai Food on Urbanspoon

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