Bakery review: C C Violin Patisserie and Cafe

The original plan was to stop in at Canary Island Pies in West Vancouver, but it was crazy-busy, and we didn’t feel inclined to wait in line, so we ventured across the street to C C Violin Patisserie.

I ordered the cafe latte


and a chocolate hazelnut croissant


This is a terrific croissant.  It’s light, buttery and flaky, with a hazelnut spread and hazelnut slivers, and the inside is laced with a ribbon of rich dark chocolate.

My companion opted for a chocolate cookie.


This cookie tasted pretty good, but it was rather hard.  Not just crisp around the edge, it was HARD. Really hard.  I recall, they were called “Sexy Chocolate Cookies”, but I think it needs a new name.  Crunchy is not a quality that I associate with sexy. :p

The room/ambiance was quite nice, it’s clean, elegant and not too cramped.

The service was pretty good, but not noteworthy.

CC Violin Patisserie and Cafe on Urbanspoon


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