Restaurant review: Chef Hung Beef Noodle House

While out at UBC, we spotted a newly opened Chef Hung restaurant in the new Westbrook Place community.  We’d heard about this place, and it’s renowned beef noodle soup.

That said, when we decided to order a bunch of appetizers instead, because the serving of noodle soup looked pretty big, and we weren’t that hungry.

We started with pork & cabbage dumplings in soup.


This was eight handmade dumplings, stuffed full with minced pork and cabbage, in a light broth.  There were, in fact, eight dumplings in the bowl, I was just too slow on the camera :-p.  These were quite good.  The wrappers on the dumplings were just the right thickness and texture, the filling was seasoned right, and I could taste the pork.  The broth is thin and light, and spiked with a strong taste of five spice.

Next was the chicken nuggets.


These are marinated boneless chicken pieces, dredged in seasoned batter and deep-fried to a light crisp.  I should say very light.  There wasn’t a lot of crunch here.  The batter is heavily seasoned with five spice.  It’s not bad, but I think I’ve had better elsewhere.

Finally we had the deep-fried pork chop.


This is actually not what we were expecting.  That said, it was pretty good.  Marinated pork, dredged in seasoned batter and deep-fried, then sliced and served.  The batter tastes very similar to that on the chicken, although I think it worked better on the pork.

I’ll have to go back to try the noodle soup eventually, since that is what the restaurant is best known for.

The space is very clean and modern.

The servers were (as chinese restaurants go) efficient and pleasant enough.

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle on Urbanspoon


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