Restaurant review: Sen Chinese Bistro

I was in the Burrard & West Broadway area for some post-christmas shopping at a (unspecified) electronics retailer, and spotted a newly opened chinese restaurant.    This took over the space that was previously occupied by Posh Japanese Sukiyaki restaurant.

The menu on the window looked fairly minimal (by chinese standards) and the news clippings on sidewalk sandwich board (and front door) were touting Lin’s Chinese Cuisine on West Broadway and Granville.   I gathered that this establishment was set up by the same ownership as Lin’s.

That was good enough for me to give it a try.

This place is quite new.   The “congratulations for opening” flower wreaths at the front door indicate this place had been opened for just a few weeks.

On this particular day, it was fairly quiet.  I was seated immediately and given my menus.  It’s a fairly eclectic chinese menu, mixing elements from cantonese, shanghainese and szechuan cuisine. I opted for one of the lunch specials and ordered the sautéed beef with long beans.

This combo came with a small bowl of daily soup.


This is a simple chicken based broth with thinly sliced mushrooms, and fresh scallion slivers.  It tasted fine.

I ordered the sautéed beef and green bean lunch special


This is sliced tenderized and marinated beef, stir fried with chinese long beans, and garnished with blanched broccoli spears and rice.  There was a small side of pickled daikon radish and carrot slivers.

The beef is tender and coated in a rich savoury sauce.  The long beans were cooked to very tender.  The dish was quite tasty.

The room is clean, new and quite modern.

The service was prompt and pleasant.  By my standard of chinese restaurants, it was very good service (I have a double standard for restaurant service.  Chinese restaurants that have anything better than efficient service are noteworthy, and the friendly service I had here was quite noteworthy).

Sen Bistro on Urbanspoon


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