Restaurant review: K-Town BBQ in Aberdeen Center

While doing some holiday shopping at Aberdeen Center, we stopped for lunch at K-Town Barbeque.  This is a relatively new arrival at Aberdeen.  It took over the space previously occupied by “Hot Pot One”.

We were seated immediately, but in a slightly awkward table.  It was along the window, which was good, but we were behind a fairly high partitioning wall, making us near invisible to the servers.  This would present a problem later.

After we ordered, we were offered a complementary cup of squash soup.


The soup was quite sweet.  Actually, that was the presiding flavor here, it was hard to taste anything else, just sweetness.

I ordered the chicken katsu lunch combo.

This included the deep-fried chicken cutlet drizzled with the savory katsu sauce, a small side green salad with a sweet dressing, mixed tempura, plain rice, and a small bowl of kimchi.

Upon arrival, strangely enough everything on the plate was somewhere between luke warm and room temperature.  With the kimchi and the salad, that’s fine, but the rice, the katsu and the tempura, not so much.  This probably didn’t help the flavor of the food much.  Everything tasted okay, but I imagine it would have been better if it had been served hot.  It might have helped if the serving plate had been warmed up before serving.

The space is quite large and actually a bit noisy when the overhead vents are turned on (to draw the smoke from the in-table barbeque grills).

The combination of the noise from the overhead ventilation, and our obscured seating location, made it difficult for us to get the attention of servers.  They couldn’t see or hear us very easily.

Service was pleasant enough, but a little slow.

K-Town BBQ on Urbanspoon




We returned to K-Town a couple of months later, and this time we ordered the bibimbap



The bibimbap was very good, with fresh vegetables, marinaded beef, and served in the hot stone bowl, making the rice crispy around the edges of the bowl.


We also ordered the japchae



This was pretty good, but not especially noteworthy.  It tasted fresh and well seasoned though.

The food was all hot and of a better quality than the previous visit.  Based upon this experience, I would comfortable visiting K-Town again.


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