Restaurant review: Flo Tea Room


The family went out for dinner, and chose Flo Team Room on Westminster Highway in Richmond.

Like so many HK-style cafes, this place has an expansive menu (they typically hand you two or three menus, and a daily special sheet), that encompasses simple Cantonese wonton-house fair, to north american diner style food, to Taiwanese cafe cuisine, to some, shall we say, innovative offerings (milk and honey ice cream fries?).

We went with a cantonese menu on this occasion starting with curry beef brisket.


This is beef brisket cubes, slow cooked in a curry coconut sauce, with potatoes.  The brisket was fairly tender and fatty, the seasoning was about right, and the curry sauce was flavorful and rich from the coconut.

Next was sweet & sour fish.

This is pieces of battered and deep-fried fish, with pineapple chunks, onions and green peppers, smothered in sweet & sour sauce.  I’m not sure of the type of fish.  This was okay, but the fish was not very crisp or crunchy.  Soggy really.

Then came stir fried chicken with vegetables and cashews

This is pieces of chicken, stir fried with diced carrots, onions and celery and crunchy cashews.  There’s lots of crunch and texture here, but a little under seasoned.  The chicken has very little flavor, and the dish lacked that “wok-hei” aroma.

Next was chinese mushrooms and tofu with vegetables.

This is dried chinese mushrooms, rehydrated, with bean curds, and broccoli and bak choy, served with a rich brown sauce.  This was pretty good, but the mushrooms were colossal, and we needed to slice them into smaller pieces.

Our last dish was ginger and onion dungeoness crab.

This is one of my favorite dishes, but this particular preparation was okay. The seasoning and flavors were right.  The crab was prepared to the right doneness.  But the flavor/aroma wasn’t quite there.  Much like the stir fried chicken with cashews and veg, it lacked the characteristic “wok hei” aroma.

The room is quite spacious (without being cramped), and the service was efficient and very quick (most of the food arrived in quick succession).
Flo Tea Room Richmond 采 on Urbanspoon


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