Restaurant review: Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill


On our last night in Honolulu, our hosts took us to Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill (Pupu means appetizer…. to us, this would be analogous to a Tapas Bar & Grill).

Uncle Bo’s looks like a pub.  But the menu is pretty expansive for a pub.

We started with a warm spinach salad with walnuts, feta, bacon and strawberry vinaigrette.



This salad is pretty good, but not mentioned on the menu is raw onions which were very sharp, which gave the salad a harsh bite.


Next we had kalua pig fried rice  w/ fresh spinach



This is a fried rice with onions, kalua pig (pulled pork), large chunks of ham, and scrambled eggs.  I found the presence of the ham overshadowed the pulled pork.  But otherwise, this dish was pretty good.


Next, we had NACHOS with ham, kalua pig, onions, mushrooms, melted mozzarella on crispy won ton chips.  It comes with a small cup of sour cream and salsa.



There’s that combination of cubed ham, and kalua pig again.  The kalua pig has a comparative mild flavor next to the ham, and tends to take second fiddle to it.  The won ton chips had some wonderful crunch, but the mozzarella,  being a very mild cheese, didn’t add the saltiness I expect from cheese nachos.  The nachos were also drizzled with a sweet sauce, which made everything at the bottom of the dish soggy by the time we got to the bottom.


Ouf final dish was Spicy dynamite shrimp wok-fried in garlic chili aioli, topped w/ parmesan panko crust



This was a pretty good shrimp dish, the shrimp were firm, seasoned, and cooked right.  The garlic chili aioli was pretty mild.  I couldn’t really taste any heat from the chilis, but I could taste garlic.  The parmesan panko was tasty, but it became soggy pretty quickly from the aioli.

Uncle Bo’s is a decent pub, with generous portions at a reasonable price.

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