Restaurant review: Blue Water Shrimp and Fish Market


I took a late November break from the grey and rain of Vancouver, and spent a week and half in the sun, visiting my relatives in Honolulu, and eating voraciously.

First notable stop was at the International Market Place, and the food court therein where we tried the Blue Water Shrimp and Fish Market.

There’s no heat lamps or buffet counter here, everything is made to order.

I ordered the pan-fried snapper platter


This two large snapper fillets, breaded and pan-fried to a light crunch, topped with a sweet chili sauce, served over rice, with a little green salad and corn.  The fish was cooked to the right done-ness, and the coating was well seasoned and lightly crunchy.  I found the sweet chili sauce excessive.  It overwhelmed the flavour of the fish, and would have preferred the sauce as a dipping sauce on the side.

and my lunch companion ordered the tempura batter shrimp platter with onion rings.


This was about 5-6 large pacific shrimp, dipped in a light batter and deep fried, served with a green salad and a little corn.  Both the shrimp and the onion rings appear to use the same batter, and while cooked through, it was not crispy.  I’m told the shrimp was better on a previous visit to this restaurant.

All things considered, this was good food, at a reasonable price.

Not much to say about service or ambiance, it’s in a food court, at an outdoor market (albeit with ample shade from trees).
Blue Water Shrimp & Seafood Market on Urbanspoon


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