Restaurant review: Thai Basil


Thai Basil is a tiny hole in the wall on Thurlow Street, just off Davie.  The space is tiny, it might seat 15-16 guests at best.

I was hungry and low on cash, but I knew this place had some affordable lunch specials, so I stopped in for a quick bite.

The menu consists of  curry dishes, pad thai , pad see-ew, hot and sour prawn soup, stir fried eggplant with  basil and pork, etc.  I ordered the pad thai lunch combo.

This consists of egg and tofu (and single prawn) stir fried with rice noodles and bean sprouts, in a sweet tangy sauce, topped with crushed roasted peanuts, cilantro and a lime wedge.  It comes with a side salad  (green leaf lettuce with a sweet onion dressing).  The sauce was distinctly tomato-ey (i.e. either using ketchup, or tomato paste or both), which is rather north-american influenced.  It’s actually not bad, but for those that insist on authenticity, this will disappoint.

For what it is (reasonably good food at a fair price), this was pretty decent.
Thai Basil on Urbanspoon


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