Now that cool weather has returned, it’s time for comfort food again.  Soups, stews, rich pastas, etc.  I was on Granville Island (one of my regular haunts) and stopped at the “Stock Market” for a large bowl of their cock-a-leekie soup.

It’s a fairly large bowl of hot chunky soup, with a modest piece of fresh herbed focaccia bread.  As I understand it, cock-a-leekie soup is a traditional Scottish soup, consisting of leeks and potatoes in chicken stock, garnished with prunes.

No prunes in this bowl.  No potatoes either, but there were leeks, carrots, celery and barley.


It’s a rich flavorful soup, with lots of chicken, veg and barely.  Really, it was more like a hearty chicken vegetable soup.

But it was still tasty, and perfect for a cool October day, sitting on the pier by the public market, watching buskers perform, and little kids gleefully chasing pigeons around the pier.
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