Restaurant review: Ivar’s Seafood Bar

I had a difficult time deciding whether or not to write this review.
I have some unwritten rules that I blog by. One of them is “no fast food chains”. Really, who’s going to want to read the review of McDonald’s or KFC?

Well this falls into a grey area.  Ivar’s is an established chain of restaurants in Washington State, varying from shopping center food court outlets, to casual fine dining full service restaurants.  But they don’t exist where I call home, so it’s novel to me.

After a less-than inspiring complementary meal provided by the hotel, we left in search of a better meal.  While on the way to another establishment, we spotted an Ivar’s Seafood Bar on the corner of 41st Street and Colby Avenue in Everett, and decided to stop in.

This place is basically a fast food outlet that features seafood.  Fish & chips, clams & chips, oysters & chips, clam chowder, salads, grilled salmon, etc.

We started with

caesar salad with shrimp.   This was made to order, but it was just okay.  The greens were not that crisp, the shrimp were slightly sweet but lacking any texture.  There were almost mushy.

Next we had deep-fried calamari.   The squid is tender and tasty, with a light seasoned batter. These come with a side of tzatziki sauce.

We also ordered a bowl new england clam chowder.  This is one of Ivar’s best products.  It’s a rich creamy chowder loaded with tender potatoes and onions, punctuated with smoky bacon, and tender clams.

Ivar's Seafood Bar on Urbanspoon


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