Takeout review: Crystal Mall foodcourt


This blog post has been in my to-do pile for a couple of weeks now, largely because I’d been sidetracked with personal stuff. But no more excuses, I’m getting this done.

I don’t normally frequent Crystal Mall. I was directed here by other foodies and I’m thankful to them.

We arrived pretty late in the afternoon and a few of the food court merchants had already closed for the day.

We chose to patronize Delicious BBQ.

Delicious BBQ 龍華燒臘專門店 (Crystal Mall) on Urbanspoon

and their barbecue pork with rice.

the barbecued pork is tasty, seasoned right, albeit slightly dry. This i partially attribute to the late hour. The inventory is ‘picked through’ by the late afternoon, leaving only the leanest samples of pork behind. While this may sound like a good thing from a health perspective, from a taste perspective, it’s not. The lean cuts are drier and less flavourful.

We also stopped at Xu’s Wonton House.

Xu's Wonton House on Urbanspoon

I’m told the proprietors here used to operate Chen’s shanghainese restaurant on Cook road in Richmond.

We had to try the Xiao Lung Bao’s, it’s a must at any Shanghainese establishment. These were terrific. The wrappers are just the right thickness. The filling is both savoury and slightly sweet, with lots of soupy goodness.

Next we had their deep-fried pork with rice cakes. The pork chops are seasoned, dredged in flour and deep-fried, served with a generous helping of very thick rice noodles, topped with a sweet salty black vinegar sauce. The rice noodles, being as thick as they are, have a lot of chew to them, but they’re still cook all the way through.

Next we tried the deep-fried spring rolls. These were very hot (I burned my lip) and crisp. The filling was described as vegetables, and for the most part, it was. White radish, onion, chinese mushrooms, and cabbage. But i swear there were some shreds of pork in there. Not that it was bad, just surprising since we were expecting vegetable spring rolls.


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