Street food review: Mogu – Japanese Street Eats

So when I was at the Powell Street Festival, I spotted a new street food truck.  It was their first day in operation,  the  Mogu – Japanese Street Eats truck.  Unfortunately, I’d already had lunch at Fat Dragon Barbeque, and didn’t have the appetite for more.   Well, Mogu has set up shop on Howe street and Dunsmuir in downtown Vancouver, and I took the opportunity to try it for lunch.

I give them credit for having some of the best art on their vehicle, it’s pretty cool.

Their menu consists of japanese influenced sandwiches, and karaage (deep-fried chicken wings), often layered with bold flavors (uncharacteristic of typical japanese fare).  I ordered the pork miso katsu sandwich.

It’s a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet, dipped in red miso sauce, topped with hot mustard and crunchy coleslaw on a soft white bun.

the breaded pork cutlet has a nice crunch, and is properly cooked.  But the red miso sauce is a bit overwhelming to me.  It’s a combination of salty and sweet, and in my opinion, it masks the flavor of the pork, rather than enhances it.   The coleslaw provides a nice extra crunch, and the hot mustard adds some nice heat.  If possible, I’d like the miso sauce provided as a condiment on the side, rather dip the whole cutlet in it.

The crew that runs the truck are tremendously cheerful and pleasant.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats on Urbanspoon


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