Restaurant review: Italian Kitchen


With guests visiting from overseas, and they being fans of italian cuisine, we decided to take them to dinner at Glowbal’s Italian Kitchen on Alberni street.

Italian Kitchen is ordinarily a busting and noisy place, and tonight was no exception.  On the bright side, we were seated in the upstairs dining room, which is both quieter and open & airy (perfect on a warm summer night).

Since the hallmark of I.K.s menu is their sharing platters, we opted to get a mixed appetizer platter and meat platter, with one order of pasta.

As returning customers, we had a voucher for a complimentary appetizer.

This came in the form of bruschetta topped with roasted squash, cannelli beans, and garlic cream sauce.  This was tasty.

This followed with antipasto misto (mixed appetizers) platter.

This consisted of a caesar salad, roasted tiger prawns with lemon and herbs, honey roasted mussels topped with herbed bread crumbs, wagyu meatballs in tomato sauce and parmesan, burrata caprese salad, crispy stuffed gnocchi, vegetable fritto (mixed battered fried vegetables), and stuffed calzone.

The tiger prawns and mussels were tasty and properly done.   The caprese salad was fabulous (the burrata was soft and slightly sweet, the heirloom tomatoes were flavorful and delicious).  The vegetable frittos, the meatballs, and calzone were okay (neither excellent nor disappointing), but the caesar salad was salty.

Our main was the carne piatto (meat platter).

This consisted of chicken parmesan, grilled striplion steak, veal scallopini, with a green salad, brussel sprouts, and mixed vegetables. The steak was properly seasoned and cooked to a medium rare.  The chicken parmesan was delicious.  The veal scallopini was good.

The carne piatto was accompanied by truffled bianco risotto.  This was creamy and rich and seasoned right, but I didn’t really taste the truffles (not that this is a bad thing, when I’ve had truffles in the past, I didn’t care for it).

We also had one order of spaghetti with wagyu meatballs. This is one of I.K.s signature dishes, and it is very good.  The pasta is al dente, and the tomato sauce is fresh, rich & flavorful.  The meatballs are tender, and delicious.  the ricotta and basil on top rounds out the dish with some creaminess. It’s a winner of a dish.

Lastly, we rounded out the meal with a little dessert.  We were pretty full from dinner, so just a single serving of dessert, split between five of us.  Which was fine, since there were five portions in our serving of

zeppole di chocolato.  These are essentially italian doughnuts, filled with chocolate (with a hint of rum), deep fried, dusted with icing sugar, and served with some creme anglaise.  It’s a delightful light and sumptuous dish, and probably our favorite dessert offering at I.K.
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