Restaurant review: Fat Dragon Bbq

While visiting the Powell Street festival, I decided to stop in at the Fat Dragon BBQ.

It’s received considerable buzz in the food blogger scene, and since I was in the neighborhood, I figured to give it a go.  When I arrived, I was seated immediately, and I chose a table in the back corner.

I think it’s important to have the right mindset when visiting Fat Dragon.  It’s not an asian restaurant.  It’s fusion place.  It combines asian flavours and ingredients, along with southern bbq techniques.

The interior is quite rustic, with brick walls, and exposed piping, combined with (tasteful) paper lanterns and an elaborate wooden hanging that resembles overlapping dragon scales that spans the length of the space.

I ordered the fried long beans with sambal and crunchy almonds.

These  long beans had a nice al dente bite, with a good amount of heat from the sambal, and a crunch from the toasted almonds, but I found the sauce quite salty.  It think it would have been fine if the beans had been just tossed in the sauce, rather than bathing in it.

I also ordered two of the bao buns.

The bao bun stuffed with spicy pulled pork was very tasty, but only slightly spicy.    The bun is soft and pillowy and slightly sweet.  The cucumber’s crunch nicely offset the soft pork.

The bao bun stuffed with beef deckle and cabbage was terrific.  I’d never heard of beef deckle before, but it turns out, this is cut from the prime rib, so it’s a fatty and amazing tender.  This was melt-in-your-mouth tender, with a hearty crunch from the shredded cabbage.

If this restaurant was in a different neighbourhood, the pricing might not matter, but in this neighborhood, this place is priced a bit high.

My server was tremendously warm and friendly.

Fat Dragon on Urbanspoon


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