Restaurant review: Soho Road Naan Kebab

It’s Canada Day!  It’s a day for public parties and FOOD!

Well, every day is a day for food, public events are now a draw for mobile food trucks.

Weeks ago, I’d heard about a block party in the parking lot of the Waldorf Hotel on East Hastings in Vancouver, so I thought I’d check it out.  There were at least a dozen food trucks present, including La Brasserie (brined chicken sandwiches), Mom’s Grilled Cheese (cheese sandwiches of every kind), Tacofino (all things taco), Off the Wagon (also all things taco), Cartel Tacos (Korean influence soft tacos), Juice Truck (fresh squeezed juices and smoothies), Pig on the Street (all things bacon), Holey Perogy (perogies, traditional and otherwise), but opted for Soho Road Naan Kebabs.

Soho Naan Kebabs are normally set up downtown on Smithe street, just off Howe, but today they were among the many at the Waldorf.  After scanning the menu

I chose the half sized butter chicken wrap.

This is a tandoori roasted chicken (I saw them roasting the chicken on a thick metal skewer) smothered with a rich butter chicken sauce, garnished with cucumbers and tomatoes, rolled up in freshly baked naan.

The naan is a little heavier and chewier than I expected, but I imagine it’s necessary to hold the contents of the wrap (without it soaking through or spilling out).

The butter chicken is tasty and spicy, but the chicken a little dry.  I’ve noticed this in other places as well.  It’s pretty common for the chicken to be cooked to the point where there’s little or no moistness left in the meat.  I don’t know if that’s just how it’s supposed to be done, but I’m not a fan.

We left shortly afterwards.  I’d tried (and enjoyed) La Brasserie, and I don’t get really excited about tacos (there seemed to be a lot of taco-oriented trucks here).  After that, the only things left were perogies, bacon, and grilled cheese.  I wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

Soho Road Naan Kebab on Urbanspoon

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