Streetfood review: The Kaboom Box

I finally got around to trying Kaboom Box, the mobile food truck on Granville & Robson.

There’s a bit of a story here.   “Kaboom Box” started out as “Fresh, Local, Wild” (run by Josh Wolfe and Andrew Fielding) but the business partners split in 2010.    Josh took the name “Fresh, Local, Wild” with him, and set up his own mobile food truck, while Andrew carried on with the existing truck, and renamed it “Kaboom Box”.

Because of their common roots, their concepts and menus have many similarities.  Both feature local produce and ingredients, and Ocean Wise seafood choices.

I decided to go with the Fish & Chips.

This is two pieces of pacific cod, dipped in a tempura batter and deep-fried to light crisp, served with french fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.

The fries a light and crisp and lightly salted, but seems like there were fried just once (purists will insist that they should be fried twice.  First time to a blond colour, then drained and allowed to cool, then again at a slightly higher temperature until golden brown).

The coleslaw is a creamy variety, made fresh, but

The fish was coated in a light crispy batter, and the fish itself was moist with a delicate flake, cooked to the right “doneness”, but I felt it could use a touch more seasoning (either the fish itself or the batter).

My lunch companion chose the Oyster Po-boy.

This was a really good sandwich.  The bun was toasted, the oysters were fresh, battered & deep fried to a slight crunch.  It was properly seasoned, and tasted fabulous.

The Kaboom Box on Urbanspoon


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