Streetfood review: Go Fish Ocean Emporium

I love good fish & chips.  But can’t have it all the time (partly because I know I’d get tired of it quickly, and partly because I know I shouldn’t indulge in deep-fried anything too often).  But everyone once in a while, I can’t resist.

So my favorite fish & chip place has to be Go Fish, on the fisherman’s wharf on False Creek.  We arrived just a few minutes before they opened, and there was already a line of some thirty or so patrons.  If it’s a sunny day, there’s always a line up.  Even on a rainy day, there’s still a line up, just shorter.

We started with an order of the soup of the day,

a tomato vegetable fish soup.  This is a very nice soup, full of herbs, and vegetables in a rich chunky tomato broth with large pieces of fish, I think the fish was salmon and halibut.

We followed that with an order of

halibut and chips with coleslaw, and grilled oyster tacone.

We actually didn’t order halibut.  We ordered cod & chips, but I think there was a mix up in the kitchen, and we didn’t think it was worth going back and waiting again for a new order.  That said, the chips are freshly cut and fried to a nice crisp.  The fish is lightly battered and crisp and cooked perfectly.    The tacone is tasty but quite messy.  It’s hard to eat without everything spilling out of it. The cole slaw is pretty good. It’s nice and crisp, with a hint of sesame oil.

I love the food at Go Fish, but I’m not a fan of the service.  The servers, themselves, are fine.  My issue here is the way the food orders are handled and sent out.

We received the tomato veg & fish soup first.  And had to wait another ten minutes to receive our fish & chips.  And then had to wait another 10 minutes to receive our grilled oyster tacones.

Actually, after I received the tacones, the server said my fish & chips would be up in moment, even though I’d already received my fish & chips.  Hmm, their system is disorganized.

If this was a sit down, full service restaurant, I’d have no quarrel here.  But Go Fish is essentially a takeout operation (albeit with picnic tables nearby).  Which means that someone has to stand there by the shack to hear the order being called out, which means that the food is elsewhere going cold.

This is the reason why my photographs seem piecemeal, because they are.  I couldn’t rightfully ask my lunch mates to sit and NOT eat anything for twenty minutes until i’d returned to take photographs.

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