Restaurant review: Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana


Following multiple recommendations, we checked out Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana on Victoria Drive.  It’s in a fairly quiet and isolated part of Victoria drive (a residential area).

We tried to get there early, before the lines formed, but no such luck.  We arrived at 5:30 on a Saturday, but there was already a half hour wait.

While there have been a lot of new pizzerias in the last couple of years, all boasting authentic neapolitan style pizza, only a handful can boast that they are certified “Vera Neapoletana”.  Whether or not certification really matters, is a bit beyond the focus of this blog post.   This is about whether or not I enjoy it.

We started with their insalata mista (mixed green salad, with vinaigrette and proscuitto)

This is an excellent salad.  The greens are fresh, and crisp, the vinaigrette has a light acidic snap.  The crispy proscuitto was just that.  A small but wonderfully salty crisp.

The second appy we selected was the frittura neapoletana (deep-fried street food).

This consisted to a pair of meat balls, a risotto ball, a potato stick, and a pasta & cheese cube, served with a cup of spicy marinara sauce and dollop of fresh pesto.  All were warm, with a light crisp deep-fried bite and tasty, but the stand out in the group was the pasta & bit.  It was something akin to a deep-fried macaroni & cheese cube (but it wasn’t cheddar cheese, I’m pretty sure it was a parmesan-type cheese).  The pesto was terrific, with a bold garlic and herbaceous punch.

And our highlight was the pizza margherita con salame.

The pizza arrived as one unsliced big pie, which I gather is how it’s done in Naples.  The crust has a beautiful char, a light crumb, with lots of air bubbles.  The sauce is bright and fresh, the fior di latte was smooth and gooey.  This is a winner of a pizza.


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