Streetfood review: Pajo’s fish & chips

I hesitate to call it a “restaurant” review, since it’s not a restaurant.  It’s a more of a concession stand.

That said, they’re good at what they do.

Pajo’s fish and chips is something of an institution.  One of the popular fish & chip stands in the city.

We went down to Steveston, specifically for lunch, and wandered around the pier before reaching the Pajo’s on the wharf.  But staring at a 30-40 minute line up, we opted to walk 5 minutes over to the Pajo’s at Garry Point park.  There are still line ups, but generally much shorter.

We ordered

the two piece cod and chips, with a small side of coleslaw.  It comes with a small cup of tartar sauce.

The coleslaw is okay, not anything noteworthy, but I really felt I needed the roughage.

The chips are excellent.   Hot crisp, freshly chipped, but unsalted.  You have to add your own salt, which Pajo’s makes readily available (along with pepper, malt vinegar, and lemon slices).

The fish is terrific.  It’s moist and warm, with a very light crisp batter that’s not too oily to the touch.

The only critique I have here is the long lines.  But then, any respectable fish & chip place is going to have line ups, so it’s just part of the experience.  Anticipation is the thing, I guess.

There are other fish & chip places around town that are as good or better than Pajo’s.  And I’m sure I’ll get to a few of them in future blog posts! 🙂
Pajo's Fish & Chips (Steveston Garry Point Park) on Urbanspoon

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