Restaurant review: Ensemble Tap

I stopped for a late weekend lunch at Ensemble Tap.  It was quiet at the time, and I was seated immediately by the window.

I ordered the crispy chicken sandwich and a beverage.

The room is airy with lots of black and dark wood, and multiple wide-screen televisions overhead.  Since I was one of only a handful of patrons present, the room was quiet.

The french fries are freshly chipped and crisp, with a light sprinkling of salt.  These are good fries.

And the sandwich is fabulous.  The chicken is breaded and deep-fried to a light crisp (while remaining moist inside), topped with smokey bacon, avocado spread, smoked paprika mayo and shredded romaine lettuce, served in between soft focaccia bread.

This may sound strange, but I think there’s too much chicken in here.  Or maybe not enough bread to contain it all.  But I’m getting nit-picky.   It’s a really good sandwich.

My server was pleasant and attentive.    Good marks for service.

Ensemble Tap on Urbanspoon


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